Hello, everyone, my name is Sharon Dobinson I started Glitter Magic in 2004.

We started out with 10 colours and now I have close to 90 in an assortment of colours including holographic, Iridescent and multi mixes.

All our glitters are Ultra fine and Anti-static. The glitter can be used for all types of crafting including stamping, scrapbooking, embossing, on fabrics and much more. Our glitters have been used for nail art etc the uses are endless.

The glitter could also be mixed in with other products…i.e

You can make your own embossing glitters by mixing 2 parts embossing powder to 1 part glitter and you need to give it a really good stir and then emboss as normal.

You can also mix the glitter into paints or varnishes for a sparkle effect.

You can mix the glitter into nail varnish or place the glitter on top of the varnish most people mix it in the gel or acrylic it depends on the nail art you are doing. It can be used on the face and I have used it for face painting.

If you sprinkle the glitter on your hair and then hairspray your hair the glitter will stay in place until you brush it out.

The glitter is machine washable when used with a fabric glue.So you can use it on clothes or bags, quilts, advent calendars, cushions and so much more.

It is also used to spray paint motorbikes or cars by mixing with lacquer.

You can use the glitter for jewellery making and silver jewellery as the glitter will burn up to 900 deg. so can be used for enamelling.

You can use it for Poly Clay as well as the glitter will fire in the oven without burning away.

It looks very nice with Decopatch as you can mix in with the glue.

Because the glitter is washable you use it to decorate fishing flies as well.

In fact you can do everything with this glitter apart from….eat it…. unfortunately it’s not edible.

All you have to do is have fun with the Glitter just like you did as a child in school.

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